Sensual lubricants from ignite passion

Ignite Passion Lubricants and Creams for better Sex developed to enhance the ultimate sensual moment.

The ignite passion range of sensual lubricants and creams brings the best in clinical study and development. Every lubricant we sell is designed to provide maximum pleasure and stay slippery smooth during play.

Whether you are a novice sex toy buyer or have been using adult toys for many years. You will find everything you need at the right price under one roof here at Ignite Passion.

Advice on buying Lubricants

There are many different types of lotions and potions out there. At first the choice can be very daunting, unless you know what you specifically know which brand you like. Our own range of Ignite Passion H2 lubricant is water based, with only organic plant extracts used. This provides a body safe personal lubricant which stays slippy and not sticky. Owning a sex toy can be a discovery into pleasure you didn’t know was achievable and here at Ignite Passion we want to enhance and maximise your play. Using the correct lubricant for your play further enhances that moment.

We suggest starting of with a small bottle and see which one works best for you. Remember to ensure your toy is compatible with whatever lubricant you buy.

Whatever you buy and however you use it, play safe, use plenty of lubrication and toy cleaner afterwards. Most of all enjoy the new experiences our products bring.

Check out our guide bubbles on hot products.

Sensual lubricants from ignite passion
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