Discreet Promise

The delivery of adult sex toys is hardly rocket science. Some companies place items in horrible grey plastic bags. Some place them in jiffy bags and we have even witnessed brown paper wrapping on some.

This in effect happens to be the reluctance for many who shop online for adult sex toys or adult products. It is by all purpose only your business and the mainstream prefer this to be kept private, and quite right to.

We take your privacy to another level and ensure each and every delivery is handled with absolute care and discretion.


Each delivery comes in a twin walled cardboard box. The box has secure tabs which prevent it from opening and the box is further taped shut. Inside the box, the contents are NOT just able to roam about, they are further bagged and secured using craft wrap paper.

We have decided to limit the plastic packaging we use, although each item is hygiene sealed prior to dispatch.

The label contains your shipping address and our return address. The return address is Ignium Noctis Trading Platform Ltd.

All parcels are collected via Royal Mail and delivered via Royal Mail. They have no idea what products we sell and will not know what is inside the box.

It is as secure as it can be and ultra discreet.

Payment and Billing

Payment is handled by our external provider STRIPE technology. We do not see any credit card or debit card details. We do not store any credit or debit card details either.

Payment will appear on your bank or credit card statement as Ignium Noctis TP. There will be no mention of ignite passion or sex toys anywhere.

Annoying emails everyday

Lets face it we all get our fair share of unwanted emails. We notice some companies in the adult industry sending emails out every day of the week. Its basically done because they need to feed their hungry business and require vast sums of money to do so. Emailing is a very inexpensive way of marketing and hence the reason for their frequency.

If you want and have subscribed to it, we will email you ONCE per month. The email will simply be that months online offer code which will give you a discount. We don’t hide things though and the same code is published online each month in whatever fancy design our team comes up with.

In Short

Mum,s the word and we take your privacy very seriously. Shopping with Ignite Passion is a safe, fun way to get adult products you want at your door in 24hrs at fantastic prices online.

Happy shopping, stay safe…. Happiness team





Ignite Packing Box